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Financials First

The one thing critical to every business is to know how much money the company is making! Waiting until the end of a year for financial information is like going through grade 12 without being provided test results throughout the year, only to find out you did not make the grade point average needed for college. Knowing the test results throughout the year would influence decisions on how and what to study to increase the grade point average needed for college. Placing a priority on reviewing regular financial statements puts owners in a position to make good day to day financial decisions. Reviewing and understanding cash flow, profit and loss report, balance sheet and the key activities that drive these numbers becomes knowledge. Knowledge is the new money!

Make Money a Priority…

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Bookkeeping services, Grand Prairie, AB

Customized to meet your needs.

Our qualified professionals have years of experience, and can provide valuable support to your business. We work with QuickBooks and Sage 50. Our bookkeeping service is an affordable and efficient way to get small and medium sized businesses up-to-date with their bookkeeping records. Each one of our clients is assigned a personal bookkeeper who is assigned to their specific account. We offer hourly and flat rate services, we customize bookkeeping solutions, while we properly maintain them to the explicit levels needed for yourself, your accountant and CRA.

Great Bookkeeping is Essential…

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Bookkeeping services, Grand Prairie, AB

Keeping It Simple.

We focus on efficiencies to keep your bookkeeping costs down. We offer on-site, on-line and in house bookkeeping services for your convenience! We have clients throughout the Grande Prairie, Fairview, Beaverlodge, Valleyview and Peace River areas, expanding to Calgary in 2017. Our various services and diverse experience aims to make the bookkeeping process as simple as possible.

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Strategic Bookkeeping

Small business owner start their business with a do-everything-yourself mentality. While basic record keeping may be easy at first, there is more to bookkeeping then entering AR and AP records. Keeping a good set of continuous books will help with tax planning and produce accurate timely information to make day to day business decisions.

When should a business use a bookkeeper?

There are several instances you’ll want to use a bookkeeper. If your record keeping transactions require a few hours a day or week, if you are in a partnership and want to minimize potential conflict of interest, if you are behind on your taxes, if your accountant identifies significant journal adjustments at year end (over 8), if you need to spend more time in other areas of the business or want to increase time with family.

Who to hire as a bookkeeper?

Consider speaking to your accountant, they know which firms and bookkeepers produce great year end summaries with minimal year end adjustments, assess if the bookkeeper or firm have safe guard processes for your records and documents. Ask yourself these questions: is the bookkeeper bondable? is there quality control measures for accurate record keeping? Ask for monthly financial statements and assess if the bookkeeper holds enough business-related operational experience to give sound advice.

At Business Innovation Group our bookkeepers are bonded, with 20+ years experience in SAGE and Quickbooks, records are secured, our systems include quality control, our consultants advise is provided by experienced business professionals! We offer a complimentary one hour session, if you are starting a business, looking for new bookkeeping strategies, want a second opinion or comfort around your existing bookkeeping practices. Call and book an appointment today!


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