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Business coaching services, Grand Prairie, AB

Executive Coaching:

Successful business owners, CEO’s and managers understand the value of coaching to drive them and their organizations to their real potential. Coaching makes a difference! Begin tomorrow today by booking an appointment with Peter our Certified Business & Executive Coach.

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Business coaching services, Grand Prairie, AB

Business Coaching:

Business Coaching is about getting you, the business owner out of the day to day whirlwind of the business and getting you focused working ON the business. We have many programs to suit your personal situation and budget. Business Coaching is designed to get your business working for you, not you working for your business. Begin tomorrow today by contacting Peter for more information on our coaching programs.

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Business coaching services, Grand Prairie, AB

Business Counselling:

Sometimes in a business we just need a leg up in other words a little help and support to brainstorm new ideas or get an outsiders perspective on some business challenges. Begin tomorrow today by contacting Peter today!

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Strategic Coaching

In the world of professional sports, there used to be a role called the “player-coach.” The best of them (like Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell) won multiple championships as both the on-field superstar and the off-the-field general. Then, one day, the position disappeared. It’s now virtually extinct across every major sport.

Why? For the same reason that all doctors now have their own doctors, and all therapists have their own therapists: there are some things you simply can’t see from your own fixed perspective! A coach on the sidelines can see things that their quarterback can’t. And the coach doesn’t have the pressure of a 250-lb linebacker coming to crush them on every play. He has the freedom to view things from a calm and wide-lensed vantage-point.

Business coaching services, Grand Prairie, AB


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