Why Advantage?

We are focused on you!

Our Identity

Advantage Bookkeeping and Business Consulting is devoted to helping small and mid-size businesses master critical areas of growth (planning, execution, marketing, and HR management).

Our Purpose

To help people and businesses grow to their full potential. We’re really just focused on one particular goal: your continued growth.

Our Approach

There are plenty of consultancies in the world. Some sell fish. Some sell fishing-lessons. Some become your fishing-partners.

We’re focused on you.

At Advantage Bookkeeping and Business Consulting, we’re in it for the long haul. You began with dreams. We want you to reach them. But, we realize how many things can stand in your way. So we’re here to help guide and motivate you through every pitfall, rut, and roadblock.

The truth is most business challenges aren’t just strategic in nature. Businesses are run by people. And a business is rarely more successful than its leaders. What makes individuals successful? Having the right strategy, sure. But that only works when matched with the right habits and the right perspective.

There are plenty of business textbooks out there. They’re often sworn by and displayed proudly. But most ideas within go unread and unapplied. In fact, most people don’t really want another book. They’re looking for something more practical, and more personal. They want specific and timely insights. They want a qualified sounding-board to bounce ideas off of. They want a judgment-free zone where they can talk openly about their challenges, and a source of knowledge that is relational, rather than just informational. They want to be empowered and encouraged. They want real partners. We do our best to be exactly that for all our clients.

Our Core Behaviors

Advantage Bookkeeping and Business Consulting sees fundamental behaviors like integrity, reliability, and professionalism as absolutely necessary. But we also consider them as the foundation of a good business, not its crown.

So what unique behaviors do we aspire to?

Intentional Clarity

There’s a time and place for technical language. But we’re professional enablers, not engineers or physicists. If we can avoid sounding stuffy, we do. If we can swap out buzzwords and lingo for plain language, we swap them with enthusiasm. We believe that our professionalism comes from our results, not our vocabulary.

Advantage-Picture Perspective

Have you ever tried to complete a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the picture on the box? It’s a difficult challenge, and a terrible use of time. The short-cut to solving most problems is to put them in their proper context. We help clients to tame complexity by bringing clarity and structure to messy, tangled problems.

Universal Credibility

A rise in recent years of cheap online resources has given birth to a multitude of self-taught “experts”. But head-knowledge (if even correct in the first place) only goes so far. A true expert understands both the rules and the exceptions, the theoretical and the practical. We work from hard-fought experience.

Building Relationships

We strive to be enjoyable to talk to. Being personable and helpful matters to us – really! We strive for you to make us a part of your team, and we want you to be a part of ours!

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