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Using the four-quadrant DISC behavioural model – established by William Moulton Marston PhD – Advantage Bookkeeping and Business Consulting can examine the various actions and behaviours of workers in a particular environment. DISC can be utilized to review someone approach to their daily tasks, their motivations, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. It can also be used to establish the basic assumptions they make about their coworkers and others. The DISC method can go so far as to predict how people will react in certain scenarios.

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Employing the right person in small business might be one of the most important components to success. Using effective recruitment and selection processes will reduce turnover, find you the right person, and place them in the right job. Our recruitment services include ad placement, screening, interviewing, behaviour profiling, and background checks.

Generations In The Workplace2018-01-27T10:52:49-07:00

Having generations working within a company can impact the company’s culture. Small business owners for many reasons will need the ability to tap into a diverse workforce to build knowledge and understanding of employee’s values and behaviours, generations, how these impact team dynamic and productivity. Business Innovation Group provides a variety of LEAD programming including: Emotional Intelligence, Generation Gaps, DISC Profiling, Conflict Resolution, Communication Strategies, Leadership for Small Business which can be delivered through online, one to one and group training options!

Re-defining Job Descriptions2018-01-27T10:53:09-07:00

How can we keep up with the continuous exposure to information? What we do, how we do it and what will be needed to meet the demands of a customer will drive and shape an employee’s role. Having concrete job descriptions is extremely important to establish clear expectations and measure deliverables, however to meet the changing needs of the workforce. Business Innovation Group provides Human Resource Consulting services tailored for every business size and budget.

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