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Employee Profiling

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What I say and what you hear, may not always be the same!

From the selection process through to performance management DISCover how profiling will improve finding, developing and retaining great employees. Benefit from the progress your employees will make to create happier, motivated, engaged teams that become more productive.

Business Innovation Group offers DISC profile reports associated to each aforementioned category and a range of associated trainings, including one-on-one and group coaching.

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The DISC Behavioral Profile is a powerful tool which helps you understand your own behavior and that of others. The initial procedure is simple and takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Firstly, you complete a Questionnaire containing 24 questions. From this we produce a 30 plus page profile report. We will then talk you through your report, explaining your % mix of the 4 different styles that make up your natural behavior as well as the behavior that you adopt in your work place. We will explain your general style and your management style, advantages and disadvantages of your communication style, what motivates you, how you make decisions, organize and plan. Most importantly we will teach you how to use your DISC knowledge to improve yourself as managers and leaders, your team, your salespeople, your relationships, your confidence, and your recruitment process.

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80% of workers are hired based on their skill. By the same token, they are fired based on their behavior. With DISC Job Profiling, Business Innovation Group can provide you with a report concerning what type of person is right for the job. This can reduce costs, turnover, and stress, and create a more conductive, professional environment. Work Ethic Screening is a low-cost, easy to use instrument. It takes only 15 minutes to complete and acts as the first, most reliable way to screen potential hires during the selection process. Not only is the Work Ethic Screen Test DISC and Hartman Researched-based, it paints a unique picture of a candidate’s suitability score with either a “satisfactory” or “cautionary” designation.

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The Judgment series is a specially-designed 3 step report that serves to guide decision making through their company’s own hiring process from start to finish. It incorporates over 75 different biases that affect our ability to make effective judgements, and helps to break those biases during selection. The Judgment Series ensures the almost-optimal performance of the candidate you choose.

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