LEAD – Red Lodestar Leadership and Employee Engagement

Timeline: 12-week course, delivered through 12 weekly instruction-based classroom training sessions. The course schedule will be customized and can be delivered, during the day, evenings and weekends to accommodate trainees’ work schedule.

Materials: Training documents included in fees.

Fee: $5000.00 per person, plus GST (3 people). Eligible for Alberta-Canada Job Grant

Course Outline: (24 Hrs)

 The Red Lodestar program will build skill in behaviour based leadership acts through neurological development. During the first weekly training session, the program participants will identify and capture the essential heart (people) and brain (task) components of the team’s training plan. These components become the act of each weekly training template. The leaders collectively work together during weekly sessions to accomplish components, deliver findings and score each other’s leadership performance each week over the remaining 11-week period. The leadership acts become rooted, transforming the company’s DNA. 

Heart – People side of the organization, components reflect development of meeting templates engaging employees and improving communication within the organization.

Brain – The systemization and document building components of the business, developed to support employee engagement and roles within the organization.

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