Weekly Stand To – Advantage Biz Tip

Stand to? When I served in the military STAND TO, is the command used in the military to get all soldiers to man their positions and be in an engaged state of situational awareness and readiness so they can face any threat or execute any mission.

You will find realistic, practical and implementable ideas, tips, opportunities and events that will take your business or career to the next level. I look forward to this journey of working with you setting the conditions for success in your business, career and building personal wealth.

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Think of Your Week Like Buying Groceries

Here’s what I would like you to think of before you start this week. Do you really, and I mean really know what you want to accomplish this week? Do you have a very specific thing you want to ACHIEVE? I am not talking about tasks that you need to do I am talking about the thing that will either move your personal life, career or business forward.

People often think planning is writing out a to do list. NOT! I work with my all my clients to get rid of living in the to do list world.

Think of it this way, it’s Saturday morning and you need to go and get groceries, so either you have no list and go to the store and buy your groceries, you get home with a lot of stuff, realizing you bought more than what you intended, a lot of junk food, and then you find you forgot some key food items.

Next person may make a list of groceries they want to pick up, they buy their groceries, get home and then at the end of the week they are throwing out groceries they have not used.

The third person, plans all the meals for the week based on their schedule. In other words, they plan their meals each week. They know what they will have for a meal each night and they buy the groceries for each of those meals, reducing over consumption and waste. In other words, they are more efficient with their shopping time and expenses.

Think of 1 or 2 things you want to ACHIEVE this week that will benefit, you, your business, or career and then block time off in your calendar to achieve those things this week.

Have a most Xceptional Week.


Until next week…dare to Be Xceptional #BeXceptional

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