Business Coaching That Really Counts

Success isn’t easy, but it’s simple.

Running a business or building a career isn’t easy, but it can be simple with the right knowledge.

Business owners FRUSTRATED by lack of…
Growth, Productivity, Profit?

Grow My Business

Starting a business and want to find the best path to a successful business?

Start My Business

Xceptional You
Xceptional Team
Xceptional Organization

Executive Coaching – Build My Career

Sometimes we just need a bit of help or advice.

Business Consulting – Getting Unstuck

As a Certified Business & Executive coach I have vast business experience and I am a fellow business owner. I have invested time, financial resources, and my own energies into making Advantage Bookkeeping and Business Consulting and my clients businesses successful. That’s why I can give you exactly what you need for your own venture: an objective look at the things which are working, and those that are not. As a business coach I will not tell you what you want to hear, rather I will tell you what you need to hear.

Strategies and Goal Setting

• Financial Planning • Sales • Marketing • Systems • Team Building

And so much more…

I help to develop short-term and long-term goals and strategies, and even delve into unexpected areas of your business that you may have overlooked.

Effective Methods to Improve Your Business.

From assisting you in creating your business from the ground up to implementing marketing plans and strategies, I offer effective, one-on-one and group sessions to get more done. These sessions can help you better understand your business and devise a unique strategy that can take you further.

When you engage with me as your business coach, you get access to a wide variety of strategies and ideas you may have never even thought of. You will be able to identify improvements that need to be made, and improve your movements overall. Based on things such as proprietary sales, marketing, and business management systems, I not only SHOW you how to improve your business – and keep on improving – but also how to work less and give you time to appreciate and develop your other interests.

Through my proven Coaching process, I give you the best service and support available. I am here to answer all of your questions, relieve your challenges through collaborative efforts, and provide you with the most appropriate processes and approaches, based on your business.

Advantage Bookkeeping and Business Consulting promotes balanced living above all else. We want to see the continued long-term health of both you and your business, and strive to see your personal values upheld and flourishing.

I Want to Work With You.

Let me give you one hour of free time to begin to understand your blind spots, business strengths and opportunities (we all have them) and I will share some solutions with you. At the end of our meeting if you want to learn more about working with me, just ask! Regardless if we end up working together or not I guarantee you will walk away inspired and with some ideas you can implement immediately and get results.

After years of coaching business owners and executives the results for my clients includes; less wasted time, better operational effectiveness, less stress, more free time and the increase in revenue and profits.

No matter what the goal we can achieve results. I am proud to be a Certified Business & Executive Coach and hold ICF Certification. I’ll work with you to become a Business or Leader Olympian winner, by focusing on the right things for your business or career rather than the day to day things.


Have questions? Ready to get started? Contact us today to find out how we can help you find the right tools to grow your business.

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