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HR Services, Grand Prairie, AB

Are You Ready For The Changing Workforce?

Finding the right people is critical. When selection systems aren’t in place, HR skills are outdated, or HR is short on time, selecting the right employee can be a challenge. BIG HR Services can bridge that gap while your company evolves!  We even offer FREE in-house HR tutorials to help solve your challenges and give you the guidance you need.

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HR Services, Grand Prairie, AB

Hit a wall? Short staffed again? Not sure what to do?

Owners and managers become overwhelmed when trying to effectively manage their teams. BIG HR Services help to alleviate those issues by developing effective policies, procedures, and guides. By doing so, employees and managers can get on the same page, move in the same direction, and create endless opportunities for their teams.

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What I say and what you hear, may not always be the same!

From the selection process through to performance management DISCover how profiling will improve finding, developing and retaining great employees. This process will improve skills in decision making, communication, understanding and collaboration creating happier, motivated, engaged teams that become more productive with a direct lift to companies bottom line. The key to success is actually understanding your own behavior, its effect on others and how and when to change your own behavior to get the best from others.

Great Teams Start Here

Strategic Human Resource Management

In the world of professional sports, there are roles related to “sports medicine and training”.” The tasks and skill sets to fulfill these roles 30 years ago is significantly different than today with the advancement of technology and society. For the same reason, the role of Human Resources began as payroll, processing benefits, acting as an extension of the legal department and over the years has morphed into become a key player at boardroom table in the strategic planning of an organization. Companies are now viewing their workforce as an investment with an expected return, not just an operational expense. Companies who are growing and want a competitive edge are placing emphasis on improving human resource practices. Business Innovation Group specializes in Human Resource Management for small businesses who don’t have an HR manager or department, may not have the budget for a permanent HR professional, however recognize they need and want to build and improve HR practices that will meet the future needs of the organization.


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