At Business Innovation Group we provide training programs designed for small business. The program provides class room instruction-based training and practical skill development using our RED loadstar training for behaviour-based leadership actions. Below is our recommended training program for small businesses who have 1 to 3 managers focused on developing leadership skills to successfully lead your team and grow your business.

Program Name:  LEAD – Leadership for Small Business

Timeline: 12-week course, delivered through 13 weekly instruction-based classroom training sessions. The course schedule will be customized and can be delivered, during the day, evenings and weekends to accommodate trainees work schedule.

Materials: Included in fees, Leadership Manual, training documents and DISC profile report.

Fee: $9000.00 per person, plus GST.  Eligible for Alberta-Canada Job Grant

CORE MODULES – Included in program fee

Module 1) Leadership & Influence (17.5 Hours)

  • Define Leadership, Characteristics of a Leader, History and Theories of Leadership• Situation Leadership – Telling, Selling, Participating, Delegating • Personal Inventory – What it takes, What do you currently have – Case Study • Modeling the Way – Finding Your Way, Becoming and Inspirational Role Model • Choosing Your Vision, Communicating Your Vision, Identifying Benefits for Others • Challenging the Process – Developing the Inner Innovator, Lobbying for Change • Enabling Others to Act – Encouraging Growth, Creating Respect, Trust, Leadership Acts • Sharing Rewards, Celebrating Accomplishments, Making Celebration part of your Team • Basic Influencing Skills – Art of Persuasion, The Principles of Influence, Creating an Impact


Module 2) Staffing for Success (17.5 Hours)

Organizational Chart / Job Descriptions • Ad Creation – Placement – Interview Questions (by position)  • DISC Profiling – Behaviours and Characteristics, Emotional Intelligence


Module 3) Policies, Procedures & Employee Engagement (10.5 Hours)

  • Creating and Implementing Policies • Progressive Discipline • Performance Development, Improvement, Recognition

ELECTIVE MODULES – Additional fees apply

Module 4) Financial Management, Budgets and Planning

Forecasting, Annual, Quarterly, Strategic and Financial Planning, Profit and Loss Reporting, Dashboards and KPA’s – Key Performance Actions

Module 5) Time Management

Planning and Prioritizing, Delegation and Deadlines, Overcoming Procrastination, Setting Rituals and Routines