Imagine you are the head coach of the GP Storm. The team is playing an important game with your most disliked rival and nemesis. Your team is playing hard, they are making fantastic plays…but the scoreboard is turned off – it’s completely dark! No one knows the score, how much time remains, the quarter of play you are in, how many penalty minutes have elapsed etc. How would you know what plays to make? You wouldn’t know if you should pay a strong offence or a strong defence. How could you coach and guide your team to victory?

It would be quite tough to coach your team. You would be guessing and running the game by the seat of your pants, being simply reactive, rather than using proactive strategies and tactics. You’d no doubt be making some knee jerk decisions and quite possibly some really bad and potentially costly decisions. Additionally, have you ever noticed how players always glance at the scoreboard. They want to know how the game is going as well.

Jack Welch a former CEO of General Electric says “You get what you measure.” The more we track something the more we’re able to have some sort of metrics that will show us the direction we are headed and the actions we may need to take. Keeping score provides a better chance for success.

Do you know that person who has that fitness tracker? Well I do, and one way that fitness trackers help people improve their performance is based on data. The fitness tracker gives a person that increased bit of motivation. My daughters both have fitness trackers and when we are together, they are comparing their results. I also learned that they have become more competitive with each other in trying to beat each others fitness score every day. Not a bad thing.  It’s pretty cool how a scoreboard type device can provide a metric and then create motivation that changes behaviour. When I wore one a few years back I joined other people globally and we competed daily as well…hmmm maybe time to get another one.

In our business my business partner and I set clear goals and the we set up the tracking for our KPA’s (Key Performance Activities) that we can track and adjust if needed. Reviewing our KPA’s is a weekly RICHual that is part of our weekly meeting agenda. We find this keeps our meetings focused and focused on actions that move our business forward.

So here’s some tips to help you keep score

  • Identify and metrics that will drive your business.
  • Possible areas may be, Lead Generation Activities, Conversion Activities, Financial Results, Product Delivery, etc.
  • Build a scoreboard for your team. In business we call this a dashboard where each metric is displayed in colour codes or a graph of some sort
  • Update your dashboard daily, weekly and monthly depending on the type of dashboard you use.
  • Share the information with your team regularly.

I find this to be one of the best tools a business owner can use to engage their team and grow their business, but the one that is least used.

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